We’re heading into the final month of the year – let’s see what it has in store with New This Week: 12 Days Of Christmas Edition!

Florence + The Machine guest perform on this week’s THE VOICE results show (TV2, 7.30pm), which should make proceedings a little more bearable. Thing improve after that, though: Morgan Spurlock’s riveting documentary SUPER SIZE ME plays straight afterward (Maori TV, 8.30pm), and then you can flick over to catch Jack Nicholson, Leonardo Dicaprio and Matt Damon in Martin Scorcese’s brilliant movie THE DEPARTED (One, 10.30pm)

Robert Webb and Katharine Parkinson star in THE BLEAK OLD SHOP OF STUFF, a four part comedy set in Victorian times and based loosly (pronounced: loooooooooooooooosely) on the works of Charles Dickens (UKTV, 7.00pm). Following on from last week’s final performance show, the winner of NEW ZEALAND’S GOT TALENT is announced in a one hour special (One, 7.30pm), followed by British crime drama THE CROW TRAP (One, 8.30pm) and the finale of CITY HOMICIDE (One, 11.30pm). Meanwhile, Fast Four brings us new episodes of THE SIMPSONS and FAMILY GUY (Four, 7.30pm / 8.00pm).

Daytime viewers may wish to schadenfreude the hell out of WORLD’S STRICTEST PARENTS USA (One, 2.00pm). For us evening viewers, EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION is back (TV2, 7.30pm), and the NATIVE AFFAIRS: SUMMER SERIES talks to the Urewera Four (Maori TV, 8.30pm). Later, UNFORGETTABLE finishes its utterly forgettable first season – originally canned, the show will be back for round two, sometime in 2013 (One, 9.30pm), and PRIME ROCKS: BLONDIE takes a look at the hit genre-busting band led by Debbie Harry (Prime, 9.30pm).

The good folk at Fast Four bring us new episodes of the sagging HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and the famntastic NEW GIRL (Four, 7.30pm / 8.00pm). Gordon Ramsay wants to help with your turkey in RAMSAY’S CHRISTMAS COOKALONG (Prime, 8.30pm), while reality show SEVEN DWARVES – which follows the lives of, you guessed it, seven dwarves – gets a run (One, 9.30pm). Cannabis documentary HIGH TIME gets a rerun as well (TV3, 9.30pm). The comedic shenanigans are where it’s at, though: the seventh and final season of 30 ROCK gets underway (Four, 9.30pm), while PARKS & RECREATION hosts a debate between Leslie Knope, council wannabe Bobby Newport and the other candidates (including porn star Brandi Maxxx) in one of the best episodes of the show to date (Four, 10.00pm).

Reality series RECRUITS PARAMEDICS gets underway (One, 8.00pm) before already-cancelled fantasy show ALCATRAZ, starring our own Sam Neill, gets burnt off (One, 8.30pm). Later, Rick and the gang deal with the tumultuous events of last week’s episode on THE WALKING DEAD (TV2, 10.30pm) and the team on NUMB3RS gets up to more mathematical malarkey in all new episodes, after SPORTS TONIGHT (TV3, 11.15pm).

It’s a log jam at 8.30pm: the third season of Jo Brand sitcom GETTING ON debuts (UKTV, 8.30pm), the third season finale of DOWNTON ABBEY promises to leave us hanging until the Christmas Special (Prime, 8.30pm), and the better-than-expected Grizzlies take on the Suns on POITUKOHU NBA (Maori TV, 8.30pm). Later, Mrs Brown does the same stupid, near-unwatchable sh*t she (he) has been doing all along on MRS BROWNS BOYS: CHRISTMAS SPECIAL (One, 9.30pm).

Talk show host Ellen Degeneres kicks off her ELLEN: 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS special season (One, 3.00pm) and Aussie soap HOME & AWAY wraps up for 2012 (TV3, 5.30pm). Three men go to Ireland for a trip on the Guiness barge in THREE MEN GO TO IRELAND (Prime, 7.30pm). Later, we get a repeat of AOTEAROHA: NEXT BIG THINGS, featuring stand-up comics Urzila Carlson, Guy William and Tom Furniss (TV3, 9.30pm), a new season of THE BACHELOR gets underway (TV2, 10.30pm), and the second season of EPISODES comes to a close (One, 11.15pm).

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