It’s Friday again, which means it’s time to look at the week ahead – it’s New This Week: Rise Of The Brit Dramas Edition.

A relatively quiet Saturday again, except for all-new results episodes of THE VOICE USA (TV2, 7.30pm), meaning that TV2’s lineup of movies move to 8.30pm.

The last semi-final episode of NEW ZEALAND’S GOT TALENT promises much excitement ahead of the live finale next week (One, 7.30pm), followed by the second season finale of NOTHING TRIVIAL (One, 8.30pm). Elsewhere, FAMILY GUY celebrates its 200 episode (Four, 8.00pm), while another spin-off of a reality franchise, UNDERCOVER BOSS CANADA, promises many apologies – “sorry I deceived you eh, had to see what my company was aboot” (Vibe, 8.30pm).

While I’ll be watching HOMELAND (TV3, 8.30pm) and NURSE JACKIE (TV3, 9.30pm), and another riveting episode of BOARDWALK EMPIRE (SoHo, 8.30pm), there’s a major crossover event for fans of GREY’S ANATOMY and PRIVATE PRACTICE for fans of Shonda Rhimes’ biggest hits to date (TV2, 8.30pm / 9.30pm). Later, TV3 brings back episodes of MEDIUM for all you night owls (TV3, 11.30pm).

It’s a night of change in prime time: British police drama LINE OF DUTY stars Lennie James (SoHo, 8.30pm), Jamie Oliver isn’t naked anymore, but he is back to cook for Christmas in JAMIE COOKS CHRISTMAS (Prime, 8.30pm), and Sir David Attenborough is back with TREK: SPY ON THE WILDEBEEST (One, 8.30pm). Meanwhile, underrated comedy DON’T TRUST THE B**** IN APARTMENT 23 has its first season finale (Four, 9.00pm) – but don’t worry, it picks up the second season next week.

Prime switches things up with THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE-OFF (Prime, 8.30pm) and SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL (Prime, 9.30pm). For you late night viewers, Maria Bello stars in the critically acclaimed but eyeball-challenged US remake of PRIME SUSPECT (One, 10.55pm), after the late news.

Police reality show RBT is back for a new season of drunken antics (TV2, 7.30pm), but of special interest is DEFYING GRAVITY, a multi-national show about a multi-national space exploration trip that brings out the worst (read: sexiest) in everyone involved (TV3, 11.45pm).

Decade-old British drama THE JURY finally gets a run on Kiwi TV (Prime, 8.30pm), while 7 DAYS comes to a close for 2012 (TV3, 9.30pm).

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